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Earth Bound
Daily Meditations for All Seasons
Brian Nelson
ISBN: 9781558964655
Book (Paperback)
Skinner House Books
5 x 7
240 pages
September 15, 2004


Earth Bound is a daybook of 365 meditations culled from the worlds of spirituality and science, philosophy and art. These daily musings remind us of both the responsibility and the humanity we share on Earth—and within the embrace of the cosmos.

The book provides readers with a unique, eclectic view of Earth's calendar:

    * February 12: Today is one of several festival days throughout the year that are devoted to Diana, the Roman goddess of the forests and the hunt. Ancient myths told of pilgrims who, wandering in the woods, came across the naked goddess. In retribution over her embarrassment,
    she changed them into forest creatures.

    * February 17: On this day in 1917 a
    street in Baltimore was the first anywhere to be lit with gas. This was the beginning of a curse for astronomers, who would come to revile city lights for interfering with their telescopes.

    * October 9: Camille Saint-Saens, the
    French composer, was born on this day
    in 1835. A lover of the natural world, he created the collection of short pieces entitled "Carnival of the Animals." Among its themes are The Lion, The Swan, The Aquarium, The Donkeys, The Tortoise, and even Fossils.

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