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In Between
Memoir of an Integration Baby
Mark Morrison-Reed
ISBN: 9781558965416
Book (Paperback)
Skinner House Books
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
288 pages
March 1, 2009


"Morrison-Reed's account is nothing less than a spiritual clearing in the forest of race and ethnicity. Every reader will rejoice that he has entrusted it to these pages." -Lee Barker, President, Meadville Lombard Theological School
Mark Morrison-Reed was caught in a tortuous shift in America. Born on the South Side of Chicago during the 1950s in a twilight zone between the races, he was raised on the cusp of what was to come. A black hippie, he tried to reconcile the "make love not war" ethos of the white counter-culture with the demands of awakening black power consciousness. Morrison-Reed, whose family tree holds both slaves and slave owners, went on to marry an Anglo-Canadian and raise two biracial children. He served as minister to predominantly white Unitarian Universalist congregations. In Between: Memoir of an Integration Baby gives voice to the unspoken story of those Afro-Americans who were among the first to bring racial diversity to their neighborhood, school, church or workplace, to the increasing number of partners in interracial relationships and those blessed with and yet struggling to raise multiracial children in a polarized world.

Mark Morrison-Reed is a minister and an historian. He also worked as a janitor, waiter, dish washer, community organizer, group worker, teacher, security guard and assistant manager before earning his Masters Degree in Divinity and publishing his groundbreaking thesis Black Pioneers in a White Denomination, now in its third edition. Now retired, he and his wife, Donna, live on a tiny island outside of Toronto.
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