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Signs of the Times
Unlocking the Symbolic Language of World Events
Ray Grasse
ISBN: 9781571743091
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
6 x 9
300 pages
April 1, 2002


"…is a unique and extremely interesting examination of both history and the unfolding present as seen through the prism of astrological significance…Without necessarily agreeing with all Grasse's conclusions, I think he is re-inventing a very old but very valid perspective. No more than a basic acquaintance with the signs of the Zodiac and their meanings is needed to understand Grasse's book and at the very least provoke a spirited inner dialogue." -John Anthony West, author of Serpent in the Sky: The High Widsom of Ancient Egypt and The Traveler's Key: A Guide to the Sacred Places of Ancient Egypt

We may live in astonishing times, but they are not incomprehensible when you know how to read the signs.

Everybody says we're entering the Age of Aquarius, but when does it start, and how will we know what it looks and feels like? Ray Grasse deciphers the signs and correspondences of our nearing Aquarian future, using the tools of astrology, synchronicity, and mythology. He draws richly from contemporary religion, art, politics, science, even current movies, to show how the cultural signs of Aquarius and our likely future are already apparent and changing our world.

The Aquarian Age will be marked by its intensely mental quality, when information will be the driving force of society and the biggest challenges we face will be those of the mind. Decentralization will be the order of business, either the empowered individual will reign supreme, or the collective interests of globalized society will predominate. It could be both.

We are all participants in the global drama and all aspects of our inner and outer lives are bound up with the new Aquarian themes. Signs of the Times is the authoritative travel guide for the trip into our future – don't leave the present without it.

Ray Grasse worked for ten years on the editorial staffs of Quest Books and Quest magazine. His book The Wakign Dream (Quest, 1996), a study on synchronicity and symbolism, received favorable reviews in periodicals such as Booklist, Institute of Noetic Sciences Review, Gnosis, and Intuition. A professional astrologer, Grasse has lectured widely on the meaning and dynamics of the Aquarian Age and published many articles on the subject. He lives in Wheaton, Illinois.
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