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An Order Outside of Time
A Jungian View of the Higher Self from Egypt to Christ
Robert B. Clarke
ISBN: 9781571744227
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
6 x 9
592 pages
June 15, 2005


The only way to achieve our spiritual potential.

The line of Western Spirituality began in Egypt and continued through the time of Christ. Has it become stalled in the years since?

Robert Clarke says yes, it has. In The Four Gold Keys, Clarke, going by his own spiritualization in the psychic depths, argued that the way out of Western civilizationís essential atheism lies in the psychological teachings of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.

In An Order Outside Time, Clarke reinterprets Western Spirituality, using Jungian symbolism, to show that the great stories of ancient Egypt and of the Old and New Testament are processes of what Jung called individuation. This is the individual's journey from lowest to highest Self; from Osiris to Horus, from Moses to Joshua, from David to Solomon, from John the Baptist to Jesus Christ. These pairings also reflect what Joseph Campbell calls the Hero's Journey, which may ultimately spiritualize the whole culture.

Clarke traces the connections between Egyptian, Jewish, and Christian mythology, and--concluding that the Westís spiritual lineage has become stalled--maintains that we can attain wholeness only by making sense of the clues provided by our mythology. This is the royal line of Higher Self incarnations through the collective unconscious.

The ultimate example of individuation, Clarke says, is the Christ, who must now be further understood and developed. And, taking Christ as our symbol of the Self, direct experience of the sacred, by each of us, can enable us to achieve our greatest spiritual potential, both as individuals and as a whole culture. An Order Outside Time shows how that spiritual journey began and how it must be continued.

Robert B. Clarke (1941-2009) was led through the individuation process by 30,000 dreams and the works of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. Delving deeply into the realms of philosophy, religion, and psychology as an independent scholar and mystic, he described unsuspected connections between the world of the unconscious and the world of our history, tradition, and scriptures. These insights were explained in five books, three of which are being published posthumously.

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