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Jesus for the Rest of Us
John Selby
ISBN: 9781571744753
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
240 pages
February 21, 2006


"This book will help legions of people move beyond religious dogma to discover instead their own relationship with God and to find their own spiritual path to the Divine." -Bettie B. Youngs, Ph.D., Ed.D., author, Woman to Woman Wisdom: Inspiration for Real Life

"...This book simply makes sense...This is a wonderful book..." -Qetesh, TCM Reviews Newsletter, March 2006
Jesus for the Rest of Us by John Selby is written for the many millions of Americans who don’t find traditional or right-wing Christian theologies fulfilling, but who want to explore the direct meditative experience of Jesus' presence and guidance in their lives.

Despite an artificially-boosted high profile, fundamentalist Christians actually make up less than 7 percent of the American public. Meanwhile, a growing number of people inside and outside the Church are turning away from religious extremism and outmoded beliefs – a full third of American adults now identify themselves as "spiritual, but not religious."

If you yourself have had your curiosity about Jesus squashed by fundamentalist extremism, or if you hesitate to pursue feelings of connectedness with the presence of Jesus because you don't like dogmatic beliefs, you're going to love Jesus for the Rest of Us. Former minister John Selby offers a compassionate experiential guide that will enable you to encounter Jesus' meditative presence where all words stop . . . and true spiritual experience begins.

From John Selby's extensive research into the mechanics of meditation, as well as his lifelong work as a therapist and spiritual counselor, he now teaches this new meditation technique that actively nurtures the love and guidance of Jesus' presence in our hearts. A landmark text, Jesus for the Rest of Us will help you connect with the contemplative and mystical qualities of Jesus' teachings that have sustained deep spiritual experience in millions of hearts from the time of Jesus to the present.

John Selby offers a remarkably simple yet powerful post-Christian meditation process, focusing on Jesus' actual presence in our lives – beyond all theology and dogma. The program, available online as well at, will appeal to everyone seeking to experience a more meaningful spiritual life through their own direct connection with the divine.

John Selby grew up on a cattle ranch in California, went to Princeton University and Berkley, and then the San Francisco Theological Seminary. He completed psychological research at the National Institute of Health integrating meditation and cognitive science, before turning to private therapy and spiritual counseling work. Married with three children, he has recently developed at-work methods and online audio-training programs for instant access to his teachings and courses. He can be reached at
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