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The Back in Time Tarot Book
Picture the Past, Experience the Cards, Understand the Present
Janet Boyer
ISBN: 9781571745873
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
7 x 9
272 pages
B&W line drawings
November 14, 2008


"The card-reading methods that Janet Boyer teaches in The Back in Time Tarot Bookare valuable, unique, and much needed." óJudika Illes, author of Pure Magic and The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells

"Janet Boyer's BIT Method is a powerful tool for exploring multiple aspects of any person or situation. It's especially good for gaining personal insight into the stories you live by." óMary K. Greer, author of 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card and Tarot for Your Self
Using Janet Boyer's BIT (Back in Time) method of working with the Tarot, readers will gain insight into the presentóand ultimately their futureóby exploring their past. Gone are arcane and hard-to-understand explanations of Tarot symbols. Boyer offers an intuitive approach that allows readers to "feel the truth" of the cards as they relate to the specific parts of their lives. In a nutshell, the BIT Method:
* Asks readers to think about a specific incident from their past
* Break down that memory or event into components
* Connect the elements of any card with the components of that memory

Boyer presents Back in Time (BIT) snapshots from her colleagues, some of Tarot's best-known writers and deck artists who relate their own experiences with the BIT Method that range from comical and msyterious to sobering. Providing more than 100 exercises and referencing more than 40 Tarot decks, The Back in Time Tarot Book draws on personal examples, headlines, television, music, and fairytales, allowing Tarot to be appreciated in a fresh new way. The BIT Method does not follow that there is only one way to see Tarot cards now and in the future; rather, it encourages readers in their own abilities to recognize what is important in the cards.

The contributors include Nina Lee Braden, Joan Bunning, Wilma Carroll, Ann Cass, Elizabeth Cunningham, Lon Milo DuQuette, Josephine Ellershaw, Mary K. Greer, Lisa Hunt, Mark McElroy, Teresa Michelsen, Riccardo Minetti, Phyllis Vega, and Zach Wong.

In addition to authoring The Back in Time Tarot Book and creating the BIT Method, Janet is a prolific writer and reviewer, having posted more than one thousand reviews and articles to,, and elsewhere. She is the editor of the 2009 Tarot World Annual (TWM Publishing), as well as an editor at As if that isnít enough, she also performs intuitive Tarot readings for her worldwide clientele via email through her website To read freshly brewed BIT Snapshots using her innovative Back in Time Method, check out Janetís column in the quarterly print publication Tarot World Magazine. Janet loves learning, books, autumn, chocolate, trees, coffee, mysteries, thriller movies, the prog rock band RUSH, and her Tanjberry Library. She adores the Ten of Cups life she shares with her precious husband and son (whom she home schools) and their two fur balls in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania.

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