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Excuse Me, College Is Now
How to Be a Success in School and in Life
Doreen Banaszak, Sebastian Oddo
ISBN: 9781571745927
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
120 pages
March 5, 2009


Using the Law of Attraction and Lynn Grabhorn's Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting as a starting point, Excuse Me, College Is Now is an invaluable, up-beat guide for college students, and their parents, on how to navigate the stresses of college life to enjoy it.

Filled with real-life stories and practical tips, this is a user-friendly book that deals with the major issues college kids face today. Excuse Me, College Is Now includes advice and tips on:

  • time and money management

  • how to deal with exams, papers and grades

  • social life, relationships and dating

  • pressure from family to do well

  • how to get and keep a job

  • how to manage your future

The book also includes three helpful, fun appendices:
  • a Life Journey Package

  • 100 Positive Things to Do

  • Major Don'ts in High School, College, Job, and the World

Excuse Me, College Is Now is the ideal gift for high-school seniors and college students.

Doreen Banaszak is a life skills coach who founded the "90-Day Get Your Career Unslumped Challenge," and contributes self-help articles to numerous sites. She lives in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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Sebastian Oddo is a recent graduate of Manhattanville College, and is currently a project manager at MediaSPA, LLC.

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