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Women's Spirituality
Power and Grace
Mary Faulkner
ISBN: 9781571746252
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
6 x 9
320 pages
August 1, 2011


From the inside scoop on goddesses, Amazons, and ancient matriarchal societies, to feminist theology and pagan rituals--Womenís Spirituality offers a comprehensive survey of what is happening in womenís spirituality today. Mary Faulkner also provides a sweeping historical and social overview of womenís spiritual experience from the dawn of civilization to present day:

  • Goddesses, amazons, priestesses and Magic

  • The history of early matriarchal societies

  • Ecofeminism

  • Pagan and New Age rituals

  • Wiccan, Celtic, Jewish, Christian, native peoples, and other spiritual traditions

Faulkner also highlights the work of well-known writers, theologians, and academics who have contributed to the field, including Barbara Walker, Marija Gimbutas, Luisah Teish, Starhawk, Alice Walker, Rosemary Ruether, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Sallie McFague, Mary Daly, Judith Plaskow, Carol Christ, Sue Monk Kidd, and many more.

For the novice, adept, or the simply curious, this book offers both a sweeping history and an inside view of one of the most profound movements and moving religious impulses of today.

Mary Faulkner is a writer, psychotherapist, and director of the International Institute of Integrated Healing Arts in Nashville, TN. She was the founding editor of the San Francisco-based magazine Recovery and is the author of The Complete Idiotís Guide to Roman Catholicism and The Complete Idiotís Guide to Womenís Spirituality.
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