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Whispers of the Beloved
Rumi, Translated by Maryam Mafi, Azima Melita Kolin
ISBN: 9781571746825
Book (Hardcover)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
4 x 6
128 pages
May 1, 2012


A breathtaking translation of poems by Rumi, one of the worldís most loved mystical teachers. Beautifully packaged and illustrated with Persian calligraphy, this ideal gift book introduces readers to the quatrains, the shorter poems that encapsulate Rumiís timeless appeal. This new translation, a collaboration by native speaker Maryam Mafi and poet Melita Kolin stays true to Rumiís original voice in these beautiful, simple poems 100 in allódemonstrate Rumiís timeless appeal and popularity.

Jalal-uddin Rumi was born in what is now Afghanistan in 1207. His poetry has inspired generations of spiritual seekers, both from his own Sufi school and well beyond. His poems speak to the seeker and the lover in all of us.

From the book:
One day
you will take my heart completely
and make it more fiery than
a dragon.
Your eyelashes will write on my heart
the poem
that could never come from the pen
of a poet.

Rumi (Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi) was a 13th-century Persian Sunni Muslim poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic.
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Maryam Mafi was born and raised in Iran. She went to Tufts University in the US in 1977 where she studied sociology and literature. While reading for her masterís degree in international communications in American and Georgetown Universities she began translating Persian literature and has been doing so ever since. She lives in London.
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Azima Melita Kolin is a poet, concert pianist and artist, who studied in Rome and Geneva. Coming from different backgrounds of language, music and art, they have stretched the boundaries of their collaboration from Iran to Bulgaria, from America to eastern and western Europe. Their meeting place os the love they both share for Rumi.
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