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We Are the Children of the Stars
The Classic that Changed the Way We Look at Aliens
Otto O. Binder, Max. H. Flindt, Foreword by Erich von Daniken
ISBN: 9781571746962
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
6 x 9
264 pages
August 1, 2013


This groundbreaking book from the early 1970s presents scientific evidence to prove that mankind could not have possibly evolved naturally. Binder and Flindt explore the very real possibility that we are direct descendants of ancient starmen who came from other planets to Earth millions of years ago.

We Are the Children of the Stars reveals:

  • Earth has been visited more than 5,000 times by creatures from other planets!

  • Evidence that starmen deliberately hid any “Missing Link” human fossils in order to keep mankind from knowing it was a colony!

  • Evidence that the starmen were the “Angels” of the Bible, carrying on a “Divine” mission to bring human life to Earth!

Space researcher Max H. Flindt was the first to scientifically document, from biological evidence, the possibility that mankind may be a hybrid from a prehistoric union of terrestrial humanoids and starmen.

Otto O. Binder was science fiction author who also worked on comic books including writing for such characters as Captain Venture, Golden Arrow and widely popular Captain Marvel. He was also an editor at Space World. Binder died in 1974.
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Max H. Flindt served as Senior Laboratory Technician under Nobelists Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Glenn Scaborg, and Dr. Melvin Calvin at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkely, California; and Laboratory Analyst in Research at Lockheed, where he engaged in highly classified space research.
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