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Getting Older Better
The Best Advice Ever on Money, Health, Creativity, Sex, Work, Retirement, and More
Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D.
ISBN: 9781571747037
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
6 x 9
272 pages
April 1, 2014
Previously Published As: The Next Fifty Years


"Many seniors will find the wide selection of topics and related advice in this title helpful. Even men can learn from Blair’s volume." -Library Journal, May 1, Olga Wise

“With great elan, Blair covers a wide-range of material in thematic chapters on self-image, minds, emotions, fears, love, lives and relationships, spiritual self, creative self, health, living spaces, families, friends, play, work, and finances. She has spiced up this material with a batch of lively and thought-provoking quotations. For example, in the introduction, she quotes May Sarton: "I have always longed to be old, and that is because all my life I have had such great exemplars of old age, such marvelous models to contemplate." All those who read this engaging paperback will feel the same way!” ─Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, Spirituality and Practice
Everything you need to know about aging but were too busy living to ask.

Pamela Blair, a psychotherapist in her 60s, has a few things to say about aging. Open this book to any page and find one of over 100 brief, kickstarting essays and journaling questions for moving into your third act with a sense of adventure and possibility. Blair offers dozens of practical and motivational ideas for handling everything from health and libido to the death of a spouse, money, legacy, and more.

From the book:
Your body is changing, your family and friends are changing, your strength and speed of mental processing are changing, and your priorities are changing. How are you dealing with these changes? Denial? Acceptance?

As for me, if acceptance means “approval,” I say no, I don’t approve of some of what is happening as I age. If acceptance means I will work change into my life, then I say yes. If change means painful loss and disappointment, I say no, I don’t want any of that! (And do I have a choice?) If change means growth, forward movement, and a refreshed attitude, I say yes!

Let Pamela Blair will guide you through the thoughts and feelings about aging that may be dragging you down. Let her point the way to a different, optimistic and clear eyed, way of getting older—better.

Previously published as The Next Fifty Years.

Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D., is a holistic psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, and personal coach with a private practice. She has written for numerous magazines, appeared on radio and television talk shows, and co-authored a bestselling book on grief entitled I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye. She lives in Shelburne, VT.
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