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Freedom and Resolve
Finding Your True Home in the Universe
ISBN: 9781571747211
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5 x 7
144 pages
October 1, 2014


"This little book echoes the messages of many modern sounding tomes calling for the use of conscious awareness to break free of the ego’s fear-based limitations and embrace the inner wisdom that is inherent in all of us. Unlike many of those books, however, it also harkens back to the subtle, channeled texts that many of us stumbled across in dusty, occult bookshops forty years ago. Gangaji’s words fly free, like those that sparked the new consciousness revolution. Let customers know that this is a flight of fancy that will lead them to the question: How will your life be used?" -Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight, December 2014

Home is Where You Are

This slim volume challenges readers to discover their place in the universe. In it, teacher, author, and spiritual leader Gangaji offers the radical invitation to:

  • Examine one’s own life.
  • Choose to wake up from the trance of who you think you are and experience the truth of who you really are.
  • Resolve not to go back into the trance by turning away from that essential experience of waking up.
  • Freshly inquire anew as thoughts or feelings of separation arise.

Gangaji's invitation is radical in part because it is not based upon a particular philosophy or religion. There are no prescribed practices or rituals, unless one considers self-inquiry or self-observation a practice. Most radically, it calls into question the very structure of who we've believed ourselves to be. Who you are is not separate from God or Love or Truth or Freedom or Peace or Silence, whatever one chooses to call it.

Therefore, there is nothing you have to do to "get there." No merit to be earned. Who you are is already here, has always been and will always be. The invitation in this book is to wake up and be Yourself.

“My life is given to what I have received,
which is the truth of living peace, fresh
fulfillment. My life is given to serving that
truth, that fulfillment in you.”

Gangaji offers Sri Ramana Maharshi and Sri Poonjaji’s radical invitation to stop the search for fulfillment and enlightenment and to fully recognize the truth of one’s being, which is already completely whole, totally free, and permanently at peace. She lives in Ashland, Oregon. Photo credit: Michael Waha
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