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Let Your Spirit Guides Speak
A Simple Guide for a Life of Purpose, Abundance, and Joy
Debra Landwehr Engle
ISBN: 9781571747402
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5 x 7
240 pages
September 1, 2016


"This book is going to be a valuable tool for people who are serious about their spiritual journey. It's one of those topics that people can't get enough of and I want to thank Debra for taking on a huge topic in such a beautiful way." --Echo Bodine, author of My Big Book of Healing and Echoes of the Soul

"If you want to learn ways to connect with your spirit guides, Debra Engle has provided the map to do so. It outlines ways to do so which are accompanied by stories and examples that illustrate these ways. IT is a must have for spiritual seekers!" --Dr. Steven Farmer, international author, spiritual psychotherapist and shamanic healer

“Debra Landwehr Engle, author, inspirational speaker, teacher, and blogger of faith, takes a leap forward with her newest project Let Your Spirit Guides Speak. In her previous book, The Only Little Prayer You Need, she merely hints at the subject of spirit guides. She has now fully embraced the topic and shares boldly about it.

Engle continues to inspire readers, viewers, and live audiences with her gentle nature, considerable kindness, and wisdom, as well as the reassuring passages that we are all being taken care in times of uncertainty. Let Your Spirit Guides Speak will help readers of every level to initiate and cultivate a relationship with their personal spirit guides. Engle’s ministry of using prayer and meditation on a regular basis to request guidance at all times, receive extra support during times of challenge and transition, and to deepen the meaning of our lives and appreciate our connection with Spirit will truly inspire readers.” –Allyson Gracie, Retailing Insight

"Live without your spirit guides and you miss out on an enormous support system that could make your life infinitely easier and more enjoyable."

This is a clear and thoughtful introduction to building relationships with your spirit guides. It shows readers how helpful spirit guides and angels can be in everything from the simplest to the most challenging of life decisions and how easy they are to connect with, too.

Our spirit guides help us to:

  • Fulfill our purpose
  • Make decisions that will move us forward faster
  • Stop sabotaging ourselves as well as judging ourselves and everyone else
  • Remember that we are more than our job or house or relationship
  • See ourselves as beautiful and everything in life as a gift
  • Give ourselves and everybody else a break
  • Keep growing until the day we leave our bodies behind
  • Go beyond the life we hoped for and onto the life we never even imagined

And they do all of these things when we're ready and not a nanosecond before. They also often come quietly. As the author states: ”If we expect help from Spirit to arrive with the sound of trumpets and blinding light, we'll overlook all the nuanced help that's delivered in small ways every day.”

Debra Landwehr Engle is the author of The Only Little Prayer You Need, Let Your Spirit Guides Speak and Grace from the Garden. She is a longtime teacher of A Course in Miracles, and she mentors writers one-on-one and at international retreats. You can find her at Photo credit: Amy Allen
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