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The Song of Life
Native American Wisdom
Edited by Helen Exley
ISBN: 9781573247269
Book (Hardcover)
Red Wheel
6 x 6
14 pages
100+ photographs
September 1, 2017


The profound Native American wisdom collected in this beautifully illustrated book is a gift to us all, for it opens our eyes to the Native American sensitivity to nature and humanity. These collected sayings remind us of our connection to the earth and to each other and bring us back to a place of peace. The combination of haunting vintage photos and words of insight and inspiration make this an ideal gift for all occasions. Included are over 100 quotes from a variety of native traditions covering topics ranging from the sacred, serenity, peaceful living, the earth, and kinship with all life.

“It is good to be reminded that each of us has a different dream.” —Crow

“In the darkest moments of your own life, never lose sight of the fact that the sun is going to shine through to a great day, a great life. Whatever your potential is, you can reach it.” —Bear Heart

”The trail is beautiful. Be still.” —Author unknown, Dakota

Helen Exley has been creating beautiful, thoughtful gift books since 1976. Her books, gifts, and stationery are available in 70 countries, in 49 different languages. She lives in London.
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