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Charm Spells - Rights Reserved
White Magic for Love and Frindship, School and Home
Ileana Abrev
ISBN: 9781573249591
Book (Paperback)
Conari Press
5 x 7
118 pages
October 1, 2004

Currently Not Available for Purchase

Ileana Abrev knows what she's talking about. She lives with a teenager. She's a witch. And she recognizes that teens struggle with many of the same issues she did in her day--romance, mid-term exams, homework overload, friendship ups and downs, and family issues. Here in Charm Spells, Abrev offers over 90 spells to make wishes come true in all areas of a teen's life the white magic way. "Magic occurs once you set your mind to accomplish a goal in your life," she writes. "Harm none for it will all come back to you in threes."

Charm Spells is a fun, interactive, thorough introduction to the world of witchcraft and spell casting for teens. Illustrated with offbeat, funky drawings, the book shows teens how to get the dates they want, the allowances they dream of, and the friends they need, and introduces them to:

* The power of positive, and the danger of negative magic.
* Witches and the practice of witchcraft.
* The Gods and Goddesses.
* The tools and rituals they need to get started

Charm Spells includes mini spells that use color to help teens get what they want. It also offers more than 40 "Spells to Go"--quick spells to ensure future success and happinessā as well as more than 35 spells using easy-to-find ingredients with clearly written instructions so that teens can get what they need in love, money, and friendship.

Spells include:
* Exam Jitters: A blue hanky will keep the jitters away so you can relax and do the exam on the day.
* Money Does Grow on Trees: Keep and eat cashews when money is needed.
* Girls in Love: Sprinkle rose petals and a few fresh rosemary leaves in your shoes and you will be loved deeper than ever before by a guy true to your love.

Ileana Abrev has practiced witchcraft for more than ten years. The mother of a teenager, Abrev conducts monthly magic and spirituality workshops and is the author of White Spells. She lives in Australia.

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