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Kids Who See Ghosts
How to Guide Them Through Fear
Caron B. Goode, Ed.D., NCC
ISBN: 9781578634729
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
224 pages
June 1, 2010


From the book:
Ghosts can be children’s best friends, and fear of ghosts can be a providential opportunity for parents and kids to face fears and become empowered.

Is my child psychic? Do all psychic children see ghosts? Are stress and seeing ghosts related? How can we help them not be afraid?

Kids Who Sees Ghosts takes an up close and personal look at kids who see ghosts, the parents who want to help them, the science of perception, and how kids are affected. This is a book that answers questions and offers real tools and guidance. Many children and parents are afraid, some to the point of physical illness. Cautious and concerned parents worry for their children’s fears and educate themselves on how to handle the situation. But Goode teaches that it doesn’t matter whether parents believe in ghosts to know how to help children through frightening experiences.

Bridging the gap from mainstream to the metaphysical, Goode challenges readers to open their minds for the journey through ghost tales and to learn empowerment strategies for their kids. From shamans to psychics to skeptics, Kids Who See Ghosts offers a wide range of viewpoints from such notables as Lynn Andrews, Bruce Lipton, Brad Steiger, P.M.H. Atwater, and Donna Seebo. It includes questionnaires for parents, and practical exercises and activities to address fear in a child-friendly manner and teach parents how to:

• Use exceptional thinking to break through fears.
• Start the right conversations early.
• Overcome restrictive thinking.

Caron B. Goode, EdD, NCC, is an inspirational speaker, psychotherapist, trainer of parent coaches, and prolific author. Goode has become a well-respected leader in the parent coaching industry and spiritual coaching. She is also the author of a dozen books, including The Art and Science of Coaching Parents and Raising Intuitive Children. (Photo Credit: Elusive Images)

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Kids Who See Ghosts and Their Parents

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