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Bear Speaks
The Story of 7 Sacred Lessons Learned from a Montana Grizzly
Laura Carpini
ISBN: 9781578634828
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
134 pages
October 1, 2010


"Bear Speaks captivates the mind and teaches us to uncover the truth of Joy in modern life. I wholeheartedly recommend it." -Erich Schiffmann, author of Yoga: The Spirit and Practice of Moving into Stillness
Bear Speaks is a marvelous, fantastical teaching tale in the tradition of The Celestine Prophecy. A young professional woman from Los Angeles goes camping in the Montana wilderness to "find herself" and escape the pressures of family and fiancé, about whom she’s having some doubts. Once in the forest, she discovers that she is anything but alone. As she explores the natural world around her, she encounters the trickster coyote, a wise old spider and an adventurous raven, all of whom have the ability to shapeshift and communicate with her, mind to mind. And soon she finds herself falling in love with a magnificent bear named Ishmel.

As she gets to know Ishmel, he transmits to her seven sacred lessons:
  • All your needs will be met.

  • Time is an illusion.

  • Have no fear.

  • Release into love.

  • Create a loving reality.

  • Connect energy lines to heal the world.

  • Vibrate with joy.

These lessons are both familiar and new, with the ring of truth from various spiritual traditions. Above all she learns, and teaches us, that the source of your fear can become the guide for your life. Bear Speaks tells an enchanted tale about trusting what life presents us.

Laura Carpini graduated magna cum laude in English literature from UCLA. After a brief and disastrous career as an attorney, she became a middle school teacher. In addition to this book, she has written several screenplays. She is a yogi active in the Santa Monica yoga community. (Photo credit: Stacia Costa)

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Chapter 1: Camping Alone