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A UFO Hunter's Guide
Sightings, Abductions, Hot Spots, Conspiracies, Cover-Ups, the Identified and Unidentified, and More
Bret Lueder
ISBN: 9781578634873
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
6 x 9
272 pages
August 1, 2012


Alien abductions. Repeated UFO sightings. Conspiracies and cover-ups. Whether youíre a skeptic or a believer, UFOs are part of our culture. How to sort out fact from fiction? A UFO Hunterís Guide has the answers: the facts, figures, people, places, and events that make up the modern scope of UFO-ology.

A UFO Hunterís Guide features:

  • Competing theories about UFOs
  • Famous cases and hot spots around the world
  • Field tips from investigators and researchers
  • An extensive list of international UFO research societies.

Lueder cites the contributions and findings of world-renowned researchers Zecharia Sitchin, William Bramley, Jordan Maxwell, Nancy Red Star, Stanton Friedman, Dr. Carl Sagan, Jacques Vallee, Raymond Fowler, and many others, along with a vast array of case sightings, alleged contacts, and abductions.

Whether youíre simply curious or a researcher with a serious interest
in uncovering the truth about UFOs, A UFO Hunterís Guide is a valuable resource.

Bret Lueder is a journalist, author, and filmmaker. He has published numerous articles on music, spirituality, and UFOís in the Chico News & Review, Magical Blend Magazine and UFO Magazine, among others. He lives in Chico, California. Visit him at or
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