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Exorcise the Monsters Within and Unleash the Scary Side of Your Sun Sign
Stella Hyde
ISBN: 9781578635696
Book (Hardcover)
Weiser Books
6 x 7 3/4
112 pages
2-color throughout
September 1, 2014


Everyone knows their astrological sign, but how many of us know what monsters lurk within the zodiac? You may have your suspicions: the glowing red eyes after a night on the town, an irresistible attraction to a white neck, a few lost days every month, a feeling of supernatural superiority, but what you probably don't know is that your sun sign influences your evil incarnation of choice.

Let Horrorscopes explain why you are what you are, how your ruling planet forces you into evil ways, how your rising sign can mask your true monstrous reality, what you would do on a really bad day, and how you can fight your evil twin and exorcise your monster within—that is, if you really want to.

Bestselling author Stella Hyde reveals the dark side of the 12 sun signs, from Aries the Fire Demon to Pisces the Sea Wolf. For each sign the Jekyll and Hyde traits are revealed along with aspects like “Your Deadliest Sin” and how your monstrous side manifests itself at work, at home and at play.

Horrorscopes is something new under the astrology sun—fun and a bit scary!

Stella Hyde is the author of Darkside Zodiac at Work and Darkside Zodiac in Love all published by Weiser Books. She is also a grudge-bearing Cancer who resides in England and thinks everyone should embrace their evil twin.
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