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Seeing Beyond Illusions
Freeing Ourselves from Ego, Guilt, and the Belief in Separation
David Ian Cowan
ISBN: 9781578635740
Foreword by Ken Carey
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
6 x 9
256 pages
March 1, 2015


“He (David Ian Cowan) leads us through this inner exploration gently, and with great love — philosophy with a heart. The book is as much revery as it is instruction. Let customers know that they will find many familiar spiritual concepts between these pages, and that they will see those concepts with new eyes and a rush of energy from the Universe.” --Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insights
Seeing Beyond Illusions does not so much teach us as help us remember what we have always known: the spiritual genius behind the structure of our universe, Life! Beauteous Life, brimming over with the very celestial music that brings us into being, with new sounds on new frequencies that blow away the disharmonious lies of separation that obscure our vision of the perfection that exists all around us.” –from the foreword by Ken Carey

Using the fundamentals of A Course in Miracles, Seeing Beyond Illusions walks us through a gentle dismantling of the dualistic lie of separation, freeing us from our unconscious guilt at having forsaken Source by learning to trust our divine connection to all that is. At its core, this book is about letting go of our need and urge to control, freeing ourselves to embrace forgiveness, and experience the reality of our profound connection with others.

The easiest of easygoing spiritual coaches, David Cowan has a gift for synthesizing wisdom as old as Jesus and as cutting-edge as neuroscience, his writing is infused with an all-encompassing relevance that heals.

David Ian Cowan is a biofeedback trainer and teacher in spiritual communication and the art of dowsing. He is a counselor, alternative health practitioner and trainer living in Boulder, Colorado. He is also the author of Navigating the Collapse of Time (Weiser Books, 2011) and co-author with Erina Cowan of Dowsing Beyond Duality (Weiser Books, 2013).

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