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Blame Your Planet
A Wicked Astrological Tour Through the Darkside of the Zodiac
Stella Hyde
ISBN: 9781578635986
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
6 x 7 1/2
400 pages
Color illustrations throughout
March 1, 2016
Previously Published As: Darkside Zodiac


"If your customers cling to their daily horoscope for hope and motivation, tell them to put this one back on the shelf. But if you’re talking to a bad-girl-or-bad-boy-wannabe who takes pride in being able to access and acknowledge their Shadow Self, let them know that this is an answer to their prayers.

Hyde is a self-proclaimed grudge-bearing Cancer who specializes in documenting evil twins around the astrological wheel. Her intention is to cut through the clutter of heart-warming advice and talk instead about the skeletons in the closet. Of course, I turned to my own sign (Taurus) first. I discovered that I harbor a rut-bound bully, am annoyingly punctual, am intolerant of anyone who doesn’t squeeze the toothpaste tube from the bottom, and am prone to temper tantrums every six months to five years. Plus this: 'Possessive seems like too weak a word.' Okay, some of that hit dangerously close to home but the writing is so humorous that I laughed outloud instead of cringing. I also know enough about astrology to recognize that there’s a fair amount of expertise behind this tongue-in-cheek roasting. Laughing at our idiosyncrasies isn’t such a bad thing, especially when 11/12 of the book is wittily ‘dis-ing everybody else. There’s a good time to be had by all those who have even a little bit of a sense of humor." --Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight (formerly New Age Retailer)

Stella Hyde presents a hilarious exposé of the not-so-nice parts of astrological destiny with shocking conclusions supported by complete astrological research for all 12 signs. In Blame Your Planet, she exposes the hidden underside of the stars, and how they affect the dark side of everyone.

The zodiac definitely has a dark side that influences the nasty in every one under every sign:

  • When Scorpios shed their Ms. Manners persona out pops a sex-mad control freak.
  • Capricorns are really bean-counting misanthropes.
  • Aries are head-banging psychos.
  • Aquarians can’t wait to be beamed back to the mothership.

Blame Your Planet covers personalities, rising sign, ruling planet, Moon, qualities, and elements. It also details lifestyle choices (jobs, vacations, fashion, interior design, partners) all from a gripping, yet rarely discussed perspective. Blame Your Planet explores:

  • Your favorite deadly sin
  • Your annoying little ways
  • Your lunar nuisance that cramps your style
  • Your grimiest thoughts and succulent sex fantasies—in vivid detail
  • Your Opposite Sign that connects you to those born under it
  • Your Mr./Ms. Wrong
  • Your favorite holiday to ruin for everybody
  • Your dream darkside job—spy, assassin, dictator, drug baron, jewel thief, evil genius
  • Your darkside sign’s hall of infamy—the famous who share it with you

Fully illustrated, Blame Your Planet reveals the secret evil twin hidden in all of us. Welcome to the dark side.

Replaces previous edition, ISBN 9781578633104

Stella Hyde is the author of Darkside Zodiac at Work and Darkside Zodiac in Love all published by Weiser Books. She is also a grudge-bearing Cancer who resides in England and thinks everyone should embrace their evil twin.
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