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The Lunar Gospel
The Complete Guide to Your Astrological Moon
Cal Garrison
ISBN: 9781578636266
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
6 x 9
224 pages
April 1, 2018


"Cal Garrison’s writing is gentle, the insights intense. The Lunar Gospel is a thoroughly graceful and knowledgeable book." –Martha Lang-Wescott, author of Architects of Time and other books

"We all have a relationship with the moon; we gaze at it nightly in the sky and feel it in our souls. Cal Garrison deepens that relationship and helps us recognize and appreciate our own lunar nature. I thoroughly enjoyed The Lunar Gospel: The Complete Guide to Your Astrological Moon. It is well written and easy to read and I came away with greater respect for this most familiar and mysterious of symbols." –Virginia Bell, author of Midlife Is Not a Crisis: Using Astrology to Thrive in the Second Half of Life

"The moon sees both the day and night, but the sun sees only the day. I am always pleased to see a book that focuses on the moon to begin to balance the amount written about the sun. Cal Garrison’s book The Lunar Gospel: The Complete Guide to Your Astrological Moon will let you see yourself and the world around you from the broad reaching perspective of the moon. Whether you’ve just begun to learn astrology or astrology is your trusted guide in life, The Lunar Gospel will shed a beautiful light that reveals insights with every page you turn." –Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans

Most people are familiar with their sun sign—the sign determined by your birthday. According to astrologer Cal Garrison, however, it’s actually your moon sign that is the true key to your horoscope.

The Lunar Gospel is a comprehensive guide to moon sign astrology, covering the significant role the moon plays in the horoscope. Cal explores the role of the moon as it manifests in the different signs and houses, as well as its relationship to the other planets in the chart. The Lunar Gospel clearly and insightfully gives you all the tools you need to understand your own moon sign—and the moon sign of other people.

Cal Garrison has been a professional astrologer since the 1970s. In 1992, Cal began writing weekly astrological columns for The Mountain Times in Killington, Vermont, and then later for Wisdom Magazine, Detroit Metro Times, and the Associated Press. She is the author of several books and lives in Arizona. Photo Credit: Andrew Ciccarelli
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