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More Ghost Chronicles
Stories from the Realm of the Unknown, the Unexplained, and the Unbelievable
Maureen Wood, and Ron Kolek, Foreword by Jeff Belanger
ISBN: 9781578636358
Book (Paperback)
Weiser Books
6 x 9
256 pages
October 1, 2018


"Delightfully wicked in all the right ways... You'll devour their wonderful stories from cover to cover." óVarla Ventura, author of Varla Ventura's Paranormal Parlor

"Each story in More Ghost Chronicles is more compelling than the last, taking you to your innermost core, filled with the fear of what the unknown can truly do! Images of what itís like to take on the spirits, as authors Kolek and Wood try to unravel the mysteries of what lies behind the veil, will have you gripping your blankets with the lights on." ĖKristin Lee of the Bellaire House, author of 1699 Belmont Street: A Portal to Hell

"Ron Kolek and Maureen Wood took me to a place I swore Iíd never go. After investigating the ghosts of Gettysburg for several decades, Iíve collected and experienced some of the most bizarre things one can imagine: phantom gunfire; an elevator opening onto a Civil War hospital scene; the ghostly blue face of a little boy peering into a window three floors up; human blood on the floor of a historic hospital from the Battle of Gettysburg that disappeared completely. So you might say Iíve become jaded to the fright inherent in the paranormal. But the one thing I swore I never wanted to witness was the channeling of a tormented spirit by a trance medium. Well, thanks to Ronís and Maureenís visit to Gettysburg recounted in More Ghost Chronicles, this wonderful, impossible-to-put-down book, I watched horrified as Maureen channeled the ghost of a wounded soldier about to go under the scalpel at the Daniel Lady Farm hospital. It scared the living be-jeebers out of me. This, and other tales of their adventures at sites steeped in the supernatural, will do the same for you." --Mark Nesbitt, author of the 'Ghosts of Gettysburg' series

"With so much content out there from purported paranormal experts, it is difficult to know who to turn to for honest, yet compelling accounts. Look no further than this book! Maureen Wood and Ron Kolek have been there and done that when it comes to the supernatural. Cozy up with a warm blanket, turn the lights down, and enter their world of the weird in More Ghost Chronicles. I assure you a frightful time but in a very good way." --Jim Harold, host of The Paranormal Podcast and Campfire

The investigation continues . . .

A skeptical ghost hunter teams with a medium to investigate paranormal mysteries. More Ghost Chronicles will provide a unique perspective into the lives of people touched by the paranormal. Ron, with his down-to-earth scientific approach, and Maureen, with her psychic insight, will take you on yet another journey into the realm of the unknown, the unexplained, and the unbelievable.

Readers will join Maureen and Ron on their investigations throughout the Northeast and beyond. Their travels take them to Portsmouth, NH where the caretaker seeks to learn more about the strange happenings at the windswept Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and to Georgia where they hunt for the true identity of Button Woodís spirit, General Beauregard, as well as to Daniel Lady Farm in Gettysburg, PA, widely considered one of the most haunted locations in America. This book also includes follow-ups to the investigations compiled in the original Ghost Chronicles book.

Maureen Wood is a fifth-generation psychic/trance medium and is currently the lead psychic/medium for the New England Ghost Project and former co-host of the popular Ghost Chronicles radio show.
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Ron Kolek is the Emmy-winning founder and lead investigator of the New England Ghost Project. With a degree in environmental science, he was the ultimate skeptic until a near-death experience prompted him to use his scientific background to seek the truth about the paranormal. Ron produces and hosts Ghost Chronicles radio on TOGINET, Para X, iTunes, Tunein, Ghostvillage and other radio stations.
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Jeff Belanger ( is one of the worldís most visible and prolific paranormal researchers. Since 1997, the former journalist has interviewed thousands of eyewitnesses to paranormal occurrences. He is the author of a dozen books on the paranormal; the founder of the Webís most popular paranormal destination, according to Google, and a noted speaker and media personality.Belanger is the series writer and researcher for Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. Heís been a guest on more than 200 radio and television programs including: The History Channel, The Travel Channel, PBS, The Maury Show, The CBS News Early Show, National Public Radio, The BBC, Australian Radio Network, and Coast to Coast AM.
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