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Waking Up in Time
Finding Inner Peace in Times of Accelerating Change
Peter Russell
ISBN: 9781579830205
Book (Paperback)
Origin Press
6 x 9
208 pages
October 1, 2008


“Absolutely brilliant. Like Marx and Freud, but with more wisdom than either of them.” —Robert Anton Wilson, author of The Cosmic Trigger
In this tenth-anniversary edition of his award-winning bestseller, visionary scientist Peter Russell updates his classic manifesto for awakening to the mounting planetary crisis while deepening the connection to inner tranquility. Amid fears of ecological catastrophe and political chaos, this book stands out for its message of sanity and hope.

Peter Russell earned degrees in theoretical physics and psychology at the Cambridge University in England, where he studied for a time under Stephen Hawking. He is the author of the bestselling books The Global Brain and The TM Technique, as well as The Brain Book and From Science to God. He lives in Sausalito, California.
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