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Pray for Today
Barb Rogers
ISBN: 9781590030745
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel
4 1/4 x 5 1/2
118 pages
October 25, 2004


Living in a garage, so poor she could barely feed her dog, and rapidly hitting bottom, author Barb Rogers was desperate to just try anything. She combated and overcame her situation by prayer, choosing to be happy, and improving the flow of chi in her life. And the results were nothing short of dramatic.

In these three books, part of the Just Try This series, Rogers shares the simple methods that helped her triumph over incredible adversity. These books are down-to-earth and easy to use. Readers can incorporate Rogers' wisdom and exercises into their lives every day, and they can experience the same dramatic improvements that she did.

Pray for Today tells Barb Rogers' story of her climb out of poverty by praying every day. The book shares the invaluable lessons she learned as she listened for the answers to her prayers and shows readers how to pray simply and honestly, how to expect answers, and how to listen to them when they come. "I think," writes Rogers, "one of the most potent prayers ever uttered is 'God help me!' . . . If the best you can do on a daily basis is say those three words, you will be amazed at the difference it can make in your life. You may not be in control of many things in your life, but you are in control of the light switch, of staying connected to a God of your choosing through prayer."

Pray for Today is a book readers will reach for again and again to find comfort and the power to cope.

Barb Rogers wrote several books on recovery, alcoholism, addiction, and well-being, including Twenty-Five Words and Keep It Simple and Sane. Barb died in early 2011. (Photo: Greg Carlson)
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