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Simple Kabbalah Kit
Kim Zetter
ISBN: 9781590030943
Red Wheel Weiser
7 x 7 1/2
96 pages
October 1, 2007


A complete guide to understanding the Kabbalah and the Tree of Life.

What is Kabbalah? The answer to life's great questions and the secrets of the ages. This life-changing kit reveals the ancient teachings of the Kabbalah, with a set of twelve meditation cards, a red-string bracelet of protection called a bendel, and a practical guide that describes the history and beliefs of one of the world's oldest sacred traditions.

The beautifully designed cards can be laid out in the pattern of the Tree of Life to help you understand the wisdom of the Kabbalah, and the bracelet will remind you of its teachings. The exercises in the book will calm your mind, sharpen your awareness, and improve your relationships. This illuminating, one-of-a-kind kit will make it easy for you to understand the key tenets of Kabbalah, apply them to your own life, and contribute to the healing of the world.

* Includes 12 meditation cards, a bendel, and a 96-page guide.

* Learn to calm your mind and sharpen your awareness.

* Tap into the history and beliefs of one of the world's oldest sacred traditions.

Kim Zetter is a journalist who has written extensively about issues related to Judaism and Israel for newspapers and magazines, including the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, and Jerusalem Post. Her studies of the Kabbalah began more than ten years ago when she lived and worked in Israel among the Hassidic community. She currently lives in Berkeley, California.

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