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The Love-Powered Diet
Eating for Freedom, Health, and Joy
Victoria Moran
ISBN: 9781590561171
Book (Paperback)
Lantern Publishing & Media, Lantern Publishing & Media
7 x 8.25
264 pages
May 1, 2009


This can be the last weight-loss book you ever read. Finally, make peace with food and have a body you're proud of by drawing on the wisdom and grace already inside you. Replace cravings with calmness. Relate to food as a loving friend, not a feared enemy. In her own quest for freedom from compulsive eating and yo-yo dieting, Moran—once the chubby child of a diet doctor—discovered the power of combining the principles of the Twelve Step Program with the gentle way of eating espoused by yogis and mystics, and now supported by cutting-edge nutritional research. The result: falling in love—with yourself, your life, and The Love-Powered Diet!

Victoria Moran is the bestselling author of thirteen books and an inspirational speaker, corporate spokesperson, certified holistic health counselor (HHC, AADP). She is founder and director of Main Street Vegan Academy, training and certifying vegan lifestyle coaches.
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