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Yoga for the Wounded Heart
A Journey, Philosophy, and Practice of Healing Emotional Pain
Tatiana Forero Puerta
ISBN: 9781590565780
Book (Paperback)
Lantern Publishing & Media, Lantern Publishing & Media
6 x 9
224 pages
April 15, 2018


Orphaned in her early teens and shuttled between abusive foster homes, Tatiana Forero Puerta found herself in her early twenties in New York City, haunted by the memories of her tumultuous youth and suicidal. Following emergency hospitalization, she was advised by her doctor to take up yoga. Over days, weeks, months, and then years, she embraced yoga’s honesty and discipline—delving more deeply into its wisdom, literature, and, vitally, its practice. In so doing, yoga healed her scars, opened her soul to forgiveness, and allowed her to reconcile herself with a past that had threatened to snuff out her life. Yoga for the Wounded Heart is an unsparingly honest memoir of a childhood lost and of courage and resilience gained. It’s also an exploration of the fundamentals of yoga: as a technology that focuses our awareness; as a practical application of mindfulness and attention to what is really going on in our lives and bodies; and as a vehicle for the body to guide the mind and heart toward healing.

Tatiana Forero Puerta is the author of Cleaning the Ghostroom (Able Muse Press). Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, she is a graduate of Stanford University and New York University where she earned multiple degrees in comparative religion and philosophy. Tatiana is also a 500hr Registered Yoga Teacher with over a thousand hours of training, and over a decade of teaching experience. Tatiana holds certifications and has completed advanced training in Emotional Freedom Technique for Trauma Survivors, Yoga for Cancer, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness, and Holistic Nutrition. Tatiana is a recipient of the Stanford University Garfield Prize in Ethics, a 2017 Pushcart Prize, a 2019 Pushcart Prize Nominee, and a finalist for The Blueshift Journal prize for writers of color. Her work has appeared in Yoga Journal, Elephant Journal, Able Muse, Juked, JOY: Journal of Yoga, and elsewhere.
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