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Frugal Isn't Cheap
Spend Less, Save More, and Live Better
Author Clare Levison, Foreword by Sharon Lechter
ISBN: 9781601632609
Book (Paperback)
Red Wheel Weiser, Career Press
5.25 x 8.25 Inches
256 pages
July 19, 2013


In Frugal Isn't Cheap, Clare Levison serves up practical financial advice with a side of southern charm. Filled with real-life stories, it will challenge you to change the way you think about money.

Her message is deceptively simple and clear: it's cool to be smart about your money; it's stylish to be sensible rather than overindulgent; financial stability is more glamorous than extravagance. But cut up the credit cards? No way. Levison prefers to promote responsibility rather than abstinence. She takes a realistic approach to personal finance that we can all live with, including:


  • How to find and nurture your frugal side

  • Why you don't need to cut up your credit cards

  • The simple formula for financial success

  • The Savings Challenge, 20%

  • The best ways to make large purchases

Clare K. Levison is a certified public accountant and national financial literacy spokesperson for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). She has appeared on major radio and television networks across the country and is a member of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants (VSCPA) Board of Directors. She was named one of the 2010 Top Five CPAs Under Thirty-Five by the VSCPA. Clare has more than a decade of corporate accounting experience and is also an active volunteer, serving as PTA president, Girl Scout leader, and Sunday school teacher. She lives in Blacksburg,
Virginia, with her husband and two daughters.

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