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Remnants of the Gods
A Virtual Tour of Alien Influence in Egypt, Spain, France, Turkey, and Italy
Erich von Daniken
ISBN: 9781601632838
Book (Paperback)
New Page Books
6 x 9
224 pages
November 25, 2013


"Erich boldly continues to challenge our understanding of history. Philip Coppens, author, The Ancient Alien Question
Bestselling author and iconoclast, Erich von Daniken, opens his photo archive with a full color exploration of ancient places.

We live in an age of information. But there are things in our prehistory "about which we do not have the faintest idea," writes best-selling author Erich von Däniken in his gripping book, Remnants of the Gods. Stone structures erected by master builders, mysterious underground complexes, geometrically aligned stone circles, the breathtaking pyramids of Egypt--who built them? And, perhaps more importantly, where did these builders obtain such incredible knowledge?

Erich von Däniken shows in detail how whole countries were surveyed thousands of years ago. Hundreds of Stone Age holy places are located at equal distances from one another, forming giant squares and triangles.

How was all of this possible? Classic archaeology provides no answers to these questions. Worse still, it doesn't even appear to be interested. Are we all threatening to become "camp followers of disinterest," as Erich asks?

Featuring more than 160 color photos and illustrations, Erich reveals the secrets of "impossible buildings" in Europe and the Mediterranean region, describes "crazy facts," and relentlessly exposes false doctrines.

Remnants of the Gods will make even strident skeptics reconsider what they think they know of the past.

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