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Your Nutrition Solution to Type 2 Diabetes
A Meal-Based Plan to Help Manage Diabetes
Kimberly Tessmer
ISBN: 9781601633255
Book (Paperback)
New Page Books
5 1/4 x 8 1/4
224 pages
August 25, 2014


Your Nutrition Solution to Type 2 Diabetes is the answer you’ve been waiting for to help you manage your diabetes. Everything you need to know, from what is happening in your body to how to shop the supermarket aisles is included in this jam-packed resource. [This book] will empower you to make the lifestyle changes needed to living healthily with diabetes.”—Bonnie R. Giller, MS, RD, CDN, CDE, Certified Diabetes Educator/Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

“This book will empower you to self-manage your diabetes in just five easy steps! The Nutrition Solution Tidbits are quick and easy and will solve common problems of those dealing with type 2 diabetes.” —Cindy Guirino, MEd RD, LD, CDE, ACE, PT
The correct diet plan can be the key to lowering or even eliminating the need for prescription medications and living a life without the worry of medical complications due to type 2 diabetes. Your Nutrition Solution to Type 2 Diabetes will give you:
  • The latest medical information on type 2 diabetes as well as prediabetes along with a complete yet simplified overview of the disease to enhance your understanding.
  • Interactive tools that allow you to learn how to eat to control your diabetes and to feel your best.
  • Easy-to-follow meal plans to help get you started to life without the complications of diabetes.

Kimberly A. Tessmer, RDN, LD, is a published author and consulting dietitian from Brunswick, Ohio. Kim’s most current books include: Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Tell Me What to Eat If I Am Trying to Conceive, Tell Me What to Eat If I Have Celiac Disease, Your Nutrition Solution to Acid Reflux, and Your Nutrition Solution to Type 2 Diabetes. Kim currently owns and operates Nutrition Focus,, a consulting company specializing in writing, weight management, menu development, and other nutritional services.
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