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Don't Just Sit There, DO NOTHING
Healing, Chilling, and Living with the Tao Te Ching
Jessie Asya Kanzer, Foreword by: Laura Day
ISBN: 9781642970357
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
5.5 x 8.5 Inches
256 pages
March 1, 2022

Currently Not Available for Purchase

Here are 47 inspirational pieces that are smart, hip, accessible, and rich with insight; Jessie Asya Kanzer’s bite-sized stories of struggle, triumph, and contemplation provide a quick burst of mindfulness. Each chapter begins with a verse from the Tao, followed by sharp observations and anecdotes from her own life that give the teachings of Lao Tzu applicability to contemporary life. And each chapter concludes with a “Do Your Tao” section that offers an actionable step, leaving the reader with a sense of grounding and fluidity. 

Chapters include: “Success Sucks (Sometimes),” “F*ck This, I'm Water,” “I Love You, I Not Love You,” “The Tao of Babushka,” and “Mystics Wear Leggings”.

Jessie Asya Kanzer was born in the Soviet Union. At the age of eight, she emigrated with her family to Brooklyn. She is a writer and former reporter and actress. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, New York Daily News, Wall Street Journal, The Independent, the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Ravishly, and Romper. Jessie lives with her two daughters and husband in Dobbs Ferry, NY. Follow her on Instagram at @jessiekanzer.
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Laura Day’s work has helped demystify intuition and bring it into the mainstream. In her workshops and presentations, she demonstrates the practical, verifiable, and sometimes astonishing uses of intuition in the fields of business, science, medicine, and personal growth. Laura has trained thousands of people and companies to use their brains, perceptions, and “sixth sense” in effective ways to realize their goals. She is the author of six bestselling books: Practical Intuition, Practical Intuition in Love, Practical Intuition in Success, The Circle, Welcome to Your Crisis, and How to Rule the World from Your Couch.
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