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The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting
Jeffrey Segal, Foreword by: don Jose Ruiz
ISBN: 9781642970395
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
4 x 6 Inches
128 pages
Spot Art
May 1, 2022

Currently Not Available for Purchase

“Find your way and get inspired by this beautiful message of love.”—don Jose Ruiz, author of The Medicine Bag

You Can Make Your Dreams Come True! Let this powerful little book guide you to the life you want to lead.

You create every waking minute of every day—in fact, every second. Even more specifically, with every word you utter, you create. Once you realize and internalize this fact you will be on the path to fulfillment.

The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting is for anyone looking to create the life they want. It provides easy to understand manifestation techniques, along with a Code of Life by which to live. When the techniques and the Code are combined and put into practice, life-changing events can start to occur that will help turn dreams into reality.

While many books have been written on how to manifest and create a better life, The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting differs because its author, Jeffrey Segal, brings forth new esoteric manifestation techniques and incorporates a set of values to live by that together catalyze the manifestation process in a way never before possible. Jeffrey put these methods and his Code into practice personally to create the life he truly wanted, moving from being a highly successful attorney, to living his passion and serving others by founding Mystic Journey Bookstore and Mystic Journey Crystals.

If you are looking for a book to help you create the life of your dreams, The Tiny Book of Big Manifesting is the book for you!

Jeffrey Segal is the founder of Mystic Journey Bookstore in Los Angeles, CA. Jeffrey opened the bookstore in 2008 following a 20+ year legal career, and a bout with cancer. He decided to leave the practice of law and follow his passion in the realm of spirituality and create the bookstore. After the bookstore expanded, Jeffrey then opened Mystic Journey Crystals in 2017. Jeffrey is also an artist, a life coach, the father of an amazing, independent daughter, and now an author. Follow him on Instagram at @mysticjourneyLA.
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don Jose Ruiz is a nagual (Toltec shaman) in the Eagle Knights lineage, and the son of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. By combining new insights with ancient wisdom, don Jose Ruiz has dedicated his life to helping others experience personal transformation through truth, love, and common sense. He is the author of The Wisdom of the Shamans and co-author with his father of The Fifth Agreement.
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