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Brain Puzzles
How to Think Creative and Visual
Charles Phillips
ISBN: 9781859063132
Kit (mixed media) (Paperback)
5 x 7 1/4
176 pages
March 1, 2014


Puzzles with a purpose!

We all think. But its how we think that makes the difference.

The book presents 100 specifically designed puzzles that show us how we can train our brains to think more effectively 50 puzzles for creative thinking and 50 for visual thinking. Discover how, by using different strategies, you can become a clearer and sharper thinker and perform better every time you use your brain. There are also two wooden puzzles to get you going Interlocks for thinking creatively and Curve Ball for thinking visually.

Start thinking differently!

Charles Phillips is a prolific author specializing in popular history, mythology, cinema & arts, popular science, and popular psychology. Charles was also a contributor to the Readers Digest Compendium of Puzzles and Brain Teasers.
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