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The Complete Arthurian Tarot
Includes Classic Deck with Revised and Updated Coursebook
Caitlin Matthews, John Matthews, Illustrated by Miranda Gray
ISBN: 9781859063880
Deck (Paperback)
6 x 8 1/4
240 pages
Full color cards
March 1, 2015


For sale in North America only

This 25th anniversary collector’s edition features the classic Arthurian Tarot deck together with a completely revised and updated workbook.

Journey into Arthur’s kingdom through the twenty-two Greater Powers of the Arthurian realm, along with the fifty-six Lesser Powers depicting the landscapes of Logres, the ancient Arthurian kingdom that lies outside of time. Through an explanation of the Hallows and four related Quests, the companion book serves as a complete meditation course leading you around the year, with the characters of the Arthurian world as your guides and teachers, along with detailed card meanings, divination methods and a wide selection of consultation spreads.

Caitlín Matthews is a world-renowned author and teacher of the Celtic and ancestral traditions, tarot, and divination and the author of over 70 books, including Singing the Soul Back Home, Celtic Visions, Celtic Wisdom Oracle, and The Complete Arthurian Tarot (with John Matthews). She runs her own shamanic practice in Oxford, UK, where she also hosts master classes in the healing arts.
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John Matthews has been a practicing shaman for over 30 years and is a leading authority on Celtic traditions, Grail and Arthurian legends, and the tarot. He is the author of a number of successful divinatory systems based on early spiritual beliefs and has acted as an adviser on several motion pictures, including Jerry Bruckheimer’s King Arthur.
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Miranda Gray is an experienced artist, writer, and healer. She illustrated The Merlin Tarot and The Beasts of Albion.
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