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The Mood Diary
A 4-Week Plan to Track Your Emotions and Lifestyle
Andrea Harrn, MA
ISBN: 9781859064566
Book (Paperback)
Eddison Books, Eddison Books
7 x 9
160 pages
Full-color illustrations
March 1, 2020


For sale in North America

This easy-to-use 28-day write-in journal is founded on CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and self-development techniques to help readers understand and manage their moods and emotions. The daily tracker helps the reader chart their feelings alongside daily energy levels, sleep patterns, exercise, food and drink, and even medication. Free-writing pages throughout encourage self-reflective journaling, CBT worksheets prompt readers to delve deep into emotions and patterns of thinking, and weekly assessments allow readers to chart their progress.

This fun, informative, and motivating book will help readers take control and make positive changes to lead a healthier, happier lives, improve self-esteem, and build personal relationships as they work toward their goals.

Andrea Harrn, MA is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, intuitive healer, expert in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy, and the author of the bestseller The Mood Cards. She runs a successful practice in East London, where her work combines Eastern philosophy with Western science and has helped hundreds of people find truth, clarity, balance, meaning, acceptance, love, and happiness in their lives.
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