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The Post-Baby Conversation
What New Parents Need to Say to Each Other
Alison Osborne
ISBN: 9781877082788
Book (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
6 3/4 x 8 1/4
304 pages
October 1, 2006


The post- baby conversation is a first: a relationship book for new parents. It is not a book about babies and itís not about how to be a parent. Itís about how to be a happy couple after the arrival of children. Most couples experience relationship issues with the arrival of a new baby. A conversation about how responsibilities and the workload of a new baby will be shared, what will happen on weekends and whose job it is to cook and clean can be a source of great tension. When a modern couple become parents, both men and women develop expectations of what their partner should do and provide, often based on outdated traditional stereotypes; and many couples co-exist unhappily for years.

Alison Osborne is a mother of two children. She wrote this book to be helpful to herself and couples, to explore and explain the personal and relationship changes that take place after a baby is born and provide useful information about how couples can avoid the personal traumas that can go with parenthood. It is about trying to recreate, in the post-kidís phase, the equality in the relationship that existed in the pre-kidís phase.
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