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Healing Myself
A Hero's Primer for Recovery from Tragedy
Gari Carter
ISBN: 9781878901750
Book (Paperback)
Hampton Roads Publishing Company
November 1, 1993


If you are suffering from pain. . .
If someone you love is suffering from pain. . .
If you'd give anything to be able to overcome that pain, without drugs. . .
If you need inspiration from someone who has "been there". . .
this book is for you

In 1982, Gari Carter's old life abruptly ended. A head-on car crash destroyed much of her face. Ahead were almost ten years of operations that gradually rebuilt her jaws, cheek-bones, nose, and gums. Ahead lay months of helplessness, pain, anxiety, and depression. Ahead lay overwhelming fear of pain. But ahead lay much more.

Healing Myself is the story of one woman's successful battle to rise above pain and despair. But it's about more than pain. It's about the elation she felt as she gained control of her suffering. It's about the lessons she learned from hard experience-lessons in patience, love, and proper priorities.

Perhaps most astoundingly, it's about her discovery of a series of commercially-produced audio pain-control tapes that changed her multiple-hour operations from ordeals to be dreaded into challenges to be met calmly and confidently-without anesthetics!

Gari Carter was born in Baltimore and grew up in Maryland and Connecticut. She studied at Randolph-Macon Women's College, Middlebury College, and the University of Virginia. (Photo credit: Garrity Photography)
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