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Elder Gods of Antiquity, Book One
M. Don Schorn
ISBN: 9781886940994
Book (Paperback)
Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
520 pages
January 2, 2008


This initial volume of a new trilogy reveals the flaws and inconsistencies with our present explanations for humanity's origins and Earth's development. Reexamination of geological, archaeological, and paleoanthropological records produced the Elder Gods theory, which explains Earth's past and humankind's evolution as the result of ancient contact with extraterrestrial visitors. This theory proposes that interventions by two different groups of otherworldly beings influenced Earth's development and humanity's ancestry. The first group emerged shortly after the Big Bang genesis, achieving great advancements that culminated in a coalition to assist younger emerging worlds. After billions of years, they contacted our solar system where life was first developing on a neighboring planet. Much later, those younger beings from within our solar system contributed to humankind's genetic lineage, and more recently influenced Earth's cultural developments after c.3150 BC.

M. Don Schorn started his professional career in 1968 with a thermoplastics molding company and worked for many years in the Detroit manufacturing industry. After a successful professional career spanning more than 27 years, he retired early at the beginning of 1995 to pursue a second career in writing. He is an independent scholar and he lives in Florida.
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