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Stairway to the Stars
Sufism, Gurdjieff and the Inner Tradition of Mankind
Max Gorman
ISBN: 9781904658320
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
5 1/2 x 8 1/2
108 pages
February 1, 2010


The book provides an introduction to mystical philosophy and the concept of inner development by looking at a number of its great schools. Mystics concur in saying that we are in some way "asleep" and must recognise this to awaken. A considerable attempt to identify the nature of this "sleep" is made in the earlier part of the book, with the particular help of the teaching of Gurdjieff. Also studied are ways of the past and present, including the Mystery Schools, Gnosticism, Alchemy, Zen, the Fourth Way, and the Way of the Sufi. It is also made apparent that the Way of Jesus, until it was overlaid by "Christianity", was once understood as one of these "waves" or teachings for the development of human being and consciousness. The resonance of this teaching with all other mystical teachings is a significant theme. The purpose of the book is to inspire the reader to ascend the "Stairway to the Stars"!

Max Gorman was born in Karachi, India (now Pakistan). Educated at Oxford, he now works at the Friends Adult Education Centre in the UK as a tutor in mystical studies and early Christianity.
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