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The Spirit of the Tarot
Numbers as Initiators of the Major Arcana
Claudine Aegerter, Berenice Benjelloun
ISBN: 9781904658351
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
6 x 9
544 pages
October 31, 2009


This is a new exploration of the Tarot, which reveals the esoteric numerological links underlying this ancient system and connects the teaching of the Tarot to the initiatic journey of the Soul. If you are aspiring to connect with the mysteries of our life on this planet or you are already a disciple in some school of spiritual attainment, this is a book which will illuminate your way.

As we explore beyond those physical emotional and mental aspects that we call the personality, we find another energy that is not so easy to define and which seems to move us at a deeper level; this is the Soul. When we are receptive to the Soulís mystery we can start to connect to the universal collective energy of the Spirit.

The different stages in the fusion of personality and Soul and the unknown, unseen alchemy of transmutation from matter to Spirit are illustrated by the twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana. The symbols are explained and the deeper esoteric meaning of each card is explored with the help of numbers. This provides practical steps that can be applied to the everyday lives of those who seek greater consciousness.

Claudine Aegerter started Transcendental Meditation in 1970, then joined the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, where she realized her abilities to channel. As a leader in her field, a counsellor and a healer, she founded the Connaissance School of Numerology in 1993, bringing unique insights into the initiation of consciousness to many around the world.
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Berenice Benjelloun has worked as a professional artist, Homeopath, workshop leader and Numerologist. The inspiration and underlying energy behind all her occupations has always been the promotion of the expanding consciousness of mankind. She teaches at The Connaissance School of Numerology and is Vice Chair of the Association Internationale de Numerologues.
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