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Jesus the Sufi
The Lost Dimension of Christianity (Second Edition)
Max Gorman
ISBN: 9781911597087
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
5 x 8
128 pages
March 31, 2018


For sale only in North America

This book presents Jesus as a representative of an ancient and continuing wisdom tradition identified with that of the Sufis. By his distinctive use of stories for teaching purposes, his sayings, and what the Sufis call “action teachings,” including those actions known as “miracles,” Jesus is shown to have been a quintessential Sufi master.

Max Gorman shows how Sufism illuminates the concepts central to Christianity—the kingdom of Heaven, son of God, baptism, resurrection—which can be seen as states and stages in an evolutionary philosophy.

This is a revised and updated edition of the author’s previous book first published in 2007.

Max Gorman was born in Karachi, India (now Pakistan). Educated at Oxford, he now works at the Friends Adult Education Centre in the UK as a tutor in mystical studies and early Christianity.
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