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Contemplative Wicca
Reflections on Contemplative Practice for Pagans
Theresa Chupp
ISBN: 9781911597094
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
5 x 8
144 pages
November 1, 2018


For sale in North America only

Contemplative Wicca provides an exclusively contemplative practice of Wicca based on science, the concept of Oneness, and the traditional Wiccan veneration of nature. It offers a monotheistic, pagan theology and a unique and forward-thinking viewpoint on which to base spiritual practice, extending the current discussion of Wiccan custom and belief.

This book explores how Oneness provides the logical underpinning for contemplation and the spirit of unity, which is so essential to healing society today. Little formal pagan theology has been done to date, and doing it is necessary to further interreligious dialog and to establish paganism in general and Wicca in particular as legitimate religions. This book is intended to remedy this lack and contribute to the discussion of Wicca among pagan scholars and serious practitioners who may be seeking to incorporate contemplative ideas into their work and the construction of their faith.

Teresa Chupp has practiced Wicca as a solitary Wiccan and a member of various covens since 1989. She holds an MA in theology from the Graduate Theological Union and an MA in psychology from the University of California, Riverside. She is a member of the American Academy of Religion and the National Coalition of Independent Scholars and resides in Northern California.
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