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Wild Medicine - Spring
Ali English
ISBN: 9781911597698
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books
5 x 8
152 pages
Color Photos
July 13, 2020


For Sale in North America Only

After exploring the wonders of hedgerow medicine throughout summer, autumn, and winter, Ali English completes her seasonal cycle with a look at the possibilities for herbal medicine in springtime.

Gloriously illustrated with Aliís own photographs and packed with recipes, remedies, suggestions, foraging tips, and ideas for making the most out of the early months of the year, this book is a beautiful introduction to foraging in spring.

Ali English has been passionate about herbs since the age of 13. After training at Lincoln University, she set up a practice in Lincolnshire that offers herb walks, workshops, and a variety of related services that convey her love of native herbs and wildflowers.
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