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Camille and the Raising of Eros
William Rose
ISBN: 9781912573134
Book (Paperback)
Sphinx Books
5 x 8
240 pages
May 1, 2019


For sale in North America only

Spain, 1920s. The lives of three Carmelite nuns intersect and develop through a period of intense experience. In their personal histories there is great contrast, but they share a past element that has deeply affected each one. This novel is a striking exploration of personal history and what lies beneath the surface of polite society. It is also an emotive reflection on the agony of maternal loss and betrayal, and on love.

William Rose has had, for many years, a special interest in both the art of the Symbolism movement and the early development of psychoanalysis, two areas of cultural purpose that in their own very different ways, aimed to free the human psyche from the limitations of repression. William lives in London.
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