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The Other Side of Silence
Pauline Schokman
ISBN: 9781912573639
Book (Paperback)
Sphinx Books
5 x 8
156 pages
December 1, 2018


A gripping, emotionally charged drama unfolding over a tumultuous week for Anna Mason, a Melbourne doctor: her newborn nephew’s life hangs in the balance, her parents meet after years of rage and silence, and Anna’s own heartbreak can no longer be denied. Moving, complex, but ultimately life-affirming, this book explores what happens when families are silent for generations about painful emotional truths and how lives can change when the truth is finally spoken.

Pauline Schokman was born in Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, of Burgher (Eurasian) heritage. She is a general medical practitioner, psychotherapist and novelist who lives and works in Melbourne. Her second novel, A Different Kind of Madness, will be published by Sphinx in 2019. Pauline resides in Australia.
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