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Woman Desired, Woman Desiring
Daniele Flaumenbaum
ISBN: 9781912807642
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books, AEON Books
5 x 7.75
160 pages
December 10, 2020


For sale in North America

This is a book about women’s sexuality and sexual fulfilment that crosses several disciplines and paradigms, and is truly innovative and radical.

The book is written for a popular audience—women (and men) who wish to explore the deep roots of their own sexuality in order to find more ease, creativity, and satisfaction in their sexual relations. Included are numerous examples from the author’s long experience as a gynecologist who found she had to go beyond the limitations of her Western medical training in order to explain the recurrent gynecological ailments of her women clients. She found successful perspectives and remedial practices through Chinese medicine, psychoanalysis, and a transgenerational approach.

Daniele Flaumenbaum has worked as a gynecologist at the Paris Faculty of Medicine since 1972, and is actively involved in the women's emancipation movement. She is particularly active in family planning. After twelve years of gynecology practice, she studied Chinese medicine and Taoist sexual alchemy and became an acupuncturist gynecologist. At the same time, she discovered transgenerational psychoanalysis, which highlights the notion of ancestral heritage.
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