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The Hand Reveals
A Complete Guide to Cheiromancy (Revised and Expanded Edition)
Dylan Warren-Davis
ISBN: 9781912807727
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books, AEON Books
6 x 9
224 pages
B/W line drawings
April 29, 2021

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Cheiromancy is the art of hand reading in which all aspects of a person's hand are considered in order to gain an accurate picture of their inner nature. Cheiromancy is distinct from the fortune-telling of palmistry. What has come down to us as palmistry today is a rather degenerate and effete form of this ancient discipline. The word cheiromancy—from the Greek chir, meaning “hand,” and manteia, meaning “divination,”—literally means “divination through the hand.”

The Hand Reveals is a practical guide to reading hands; it is not merely theoretical. As various points are described, throughout the book, try to apply this knowledge at every opportunity to find confirmation of the ideas. There is a considerable amount of knowledge and information compressed into these pages, and even the most diligent student would have difficulty in digesting it in one reading. It is recommended that you refer back as often as necessary to go the material you have read, to allow your understanding of cheiromancy to grow gradually.

This is a revised and expanded edition of the popular classic, first published in 1993 by Element Books (978-1-85230-353-2) and long out of print.

Dylan Warren-Davis has been practicing herbal medicine (naturopathy) for twenty-five years, qualifying as a prize-winning student with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK) in 1982. Since completing his herbal training, he has researched the lost European metaphysical teachings, upon which Western herbal knowledge is based. He has also been engaged in the commercial production of herbal tinctures and has been a consultant on the manufacturing of herbal tinctures in Britain. In addition to seeing clients, he is currently promoting glyconutrition in the UK and Australia.
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