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The Hand Reveals
A Complete Guide to Cheiromancy the Western Tradition of Handreading - Revised and Expanded Fourth Edition
Dylan Warren-Davis
ISBN: 9781912807727
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books, AEON Books
6 x 9
322 pages
B/W line drawings
April 29, 2021


For sale in North America

The Hand Reveals is a comprehensive and practical guide to the philosophy and practice of cheiromancy, the art of ‘divination through the hand’ and is essential reading for anyone curious about handreading as well as those interested in astrology and alternative health therapies.

This fascinating book explores the philosophy, practice and cultural context of the lost art of handreading; the symbolism of the hand; how to give a competent handreading and make hand prints; and how cheiromancy offers a practical way of gaining insight into all areas of ourselves and our lives.

Originally published in 1993, this edition has been revised and updated with new material.

Dylan Warren-Davis has been practicing herbal medicine (naturopathy) for twenty-five years, qualifying as a prize-winning student with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (UK) in 1982. Since completing his herbal training, he has researched the lost European metaphysical teachings, upon which Western herbal knowledge is based. He has also been engaged in the commercial production of herbal tinctures and has been a consultant on the manufacturing of herbal tinctures in Britain. In addition to seeing clients, he is currently promoting glyconutrition in the UK and Australia.
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