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A Brain of My Own
A Memoir of Dissociation Dissolved
Wendy Hoffman
ISBN: 9781912807925
Book (Paperback)
AEON Books, AEON Books
5 x 8
226 pages
November 17, 2020


For sale in North America

This book is about slavery, about brains stolen in childhood and before—brains that have been intruded upon, stopped, shrunk, paralyzed. We know about the history of people whose bodies were enslaved; but we know barely anything about the victims who appear free but whose brains are invisibly chained. Nor do we know about the international collusion, silence, and apathy that surround this kind of slavery. This slavery is different from better known types because its victims do not know what is happening to them, or what they have been made to do. The victims may develop sufficient awareness to break away, but they may not know whether they are recaptured. Only secret, hidden pieces of their minds hold this information. Workers in the perpetrator groups called “programmers” so fill the victims’ minds with separated and isolated parts that hold programs, that the victims become mindless. They have a physical brain but other people control it.

Various groups of people may be drawn to read this book. Surviving victims may be interested in information on how to get free. Therapists and supporters may want to know what happens and what to expect. Unfortunately, perpetrators may want to research loose ends in programming.

This kind of dissociation is difficult to overcome, but the path back to humanhood is possible and happening.

Wendy Hoffman is a survivor of organized criminal abuse and has been a psychotherapist for over two decades working in general practice and in the field of recovering dissociated memories. She has master’s degrees in social work and fine arts. Now that she has brought together the separated parts of her mind, taken back her life, and achieved freedom, she wants to help other survivors do the same.
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