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Chakra Reading Cards
Ancient Wisdom to Balance and Heal
Rachelle Charman
ISBN: 9781925017922
Deck (Paperback)
Rockpool Publishing
5 x 8
112 pages
36 full-color cards
September 1, 2017


For sale in North America only

The Chakras are an ancient wisdom that explains the bodys energy field. When Chakras are aligned and in balance, purest wellbeing is experienced. By working closely with these cards you will experience a deep sense of self-awareness, empowerment and healing.

Chakra Reading Cards brings a world of guidance and clarity to your life. The deck includes 36 cards incorporating the seven main Chakra systems plus the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras. These two extra Chakra systems are what make this deck unique as they offer a deeper connection and expanded awareness of each situation in your life. The deck is also very easy to use and shares an abundance of guidance and support for you in everyday life via each beautifully illustrated card and the comprehensive guidebook.

Easy to use and is a tangible tool for everyday guidance complemented by the in-depth guidebook, which includes powerful layouts for your own growth as well as for others.


Rachelle Charman is the founder of the Academy of Crystal Awakening in Australia and the author of Crystals, Crystal Reading Cards, and Chakra Reading.
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